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Payment Methods

Popular payment Option:

 Send money with ,echeck.
All you need to send money is the recipient's email address.
To send a payment, log in to your payp account, and click the "Send Money" tab. You can send money using a credit card, checking account or funds already in your  Account.

Western Union is a global leader in money transfer and message services, with a history of pioneering service dating back more than 150 years.
Western Union continues today to help consumers and businesses transfer money or make payments using money orders and other electronic systems. Consumers can quickly and easily transfer money to more than 220,000 Western Union Agent locations in over 200 countries worldwide - the largest network of its kind. Western Union is a kind of collection which we often use.it is most convenient for us.

Money Gram is similar to western union. She is a high-performance payment service company that efficiently and economically moves money around the world or close to home. She has helped people and businesses by providing affordable, reliable and convenient payment services since 1940. It is a kind of collection ,by which we can accept small amount of remittance.The fee is cheaper than western union


 The telegraphic transfer is a kind of remittance, by which the remitter hands over some amount of domestic currency to a foreign exchange bank of his country to exchange for some amount of foreign currency, and the remitter must tell the bank the payee¡¯s name and address, then the remitting bank wire the branch bank or paying bank of another country.

The telegraphic transfer is a kind of remittance,by which we can receive others¡¯ payment quicker than other means of remittance, by this means of remittance,the remitter must be responsible for the telegram expenses, so usually, this kind of remittance is used when the amount of the remittance is big. This is a kind of quick and valid means of remittance.

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